Couples Retreat for PTSD & Improved Relationships
Donor-funded program offers therapy at no cost for military/veterans & their partners

Thanks to grant funding through the Texas Veterans + Family Alliance, the STRONG STAR Consortium at UT Health San Antonio is offering free treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and relationship enhancement to service members and veterans and their partners in South-Central Texas. The program utilizes a treatment called Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy (CBCT) for PTSD in a condensed, group format in a retreat setting.

Research has shown the brief format – condensing a typical 15-week treatment into two days – not only to be popular among busy couples, but also effective in reducing the service member or veteran’s PTSD symptoms, improving the partner’s psychological health, and increasing the couple’s relationship satisfaction.

We are currently recruiting for in-person, small group retreats at a San Antonio hotel March 19-20, and April 23-24, 2022, with additional retreats planned in May and June. Food and lodging will be provided.

Are you?

-- A military service member or veteran who is married or in a serious relationship?
-- Troubled by traumatic memories, nightmares, or flashbacks?
-- Experiencing mood swings, irritability, a need to be always alert, or sleep difficulties?
-- Avoiding things that remind you of your trauma?
-- Able to get away for two days with your partner to focus on treatment?

If so, this may be a great option for you.Contact us to learn more about this and our other ongoing programs.

Call 210-562-6726 or enter your information below and we will contact you within three business days.

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About STRONG STAR and the CAP
STRONG STAR and the Consortium to Alleviate PTSD are partnering, federally funded research groups made up of national experts looking for the best ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat combat-PTSD and related conditions so that affected individuals can recover and maintain or resume full, productive lives.

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